HackPSH Spring 2024

Welcome to HackPSH Spring 2024! Dive into challenges testing your software and hardware skills. Whether you're new to coding or a circuit-building pro, this event has something for everyone!

Educational Activities Building | EAB 103

March 23, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST


This event has concluded. Come back again next semester!

What is HackPSH?

Built by students of Penn State Harrisburg's IEEE Student Chapter, HackPSH is a dynamic hackathon focused on solving challenges dedicated towards subjects within the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering disciplines. Participants will be provided with Raspbery Pi Pico W kits to build various circuits and engage in coding challenges via HackerRank. We aim to explore learning in areas such as cryptography, circuitry, algorithms, and much more!

Who is it for?

HackPSH caters towards students eager to explore the intricacies of building complex circuits and solving real-world coding problems. We aim our event towards those who want to improve their skills while providing an inclusive environment for learning and competition. With a diverse range of skill levels in mind, the event encourages participation from beginners to experienced students, fostering a collaborative and competitive environment.

What is the theme?

The theme for HackPSH is currently in the works, awaiting its grand reveal. Traditionally, HackPSH selects themes that encourage boundless creativity, allowing participants to embark on unique projects. Stay tuned for the exciting theme announcement—it's going to be epic! 🚀🌑



Teams are comprised of up to 4 people. Team members must work together to complete challenges and earn points. Once joining a team, members cannot leave to join other teams.


Our commitment to integrity means promoting a culture where ethical practices are the norm. We believe in the power of collaboration, honesty, and respect in driving innovation. By joining HackPSH, participants commit to upholding these principles and contributing to a positive and inclusive community.


At HackPSH, we expect all participants to engage with respect and fairness, valuing the contributions and efforts of every individual. We have no tolerance for communication that makes anyone feel unwelcome, unsupported, insulted, or discriminated against.


Attend HackPSH to earn prizes, participate in raffles, and much more!

2nd Place


1st Place


3rd Place


Everyone will receive a Certificate of Participation and an entry in the Resume Book.



HackPSH Fall 2023

The Fall 2023 Hackathon, organized by IEEE, was a vibrant event with over 70 participants. It facilitated collaboration across different disciplines, offering a mix of team-building, networking, workshops, and project-building. Each participant received Arduino kits and earned points by completing coding and circuit challenges. The event also featured a partnership with TRC Companies, Inc., insights from industry professionals, and the introduction of the HackPSH platform itself.

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HackPSH Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 Hackathon, co-hosted by IEEE and ACM, was Penn State Harrisburg's first-ever hackathon. It drew students across various majors to engage in hardware and software projects, including Arduino programming and circuit building. The event fostered team-building, workshops, and networking with over 60 students, including those without prior technical experience. Sponsors such as Capgemini Engineering and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard Recruiting played a key role on the success of the event.

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